Denise Axelsen Artisan Blacksmith Townsville


Quality handcrafted custom designs, by an award winning female blacksmith.


Denise is an award-winning blacksmith.  Born and educated in England, she now enjoys living in Newry, East Gippsland, Victoria.

With over a decade of experience forging metal, Denise makes small functional and custom pieces as well as stunning sculptural works.   She was the first female to win the UK Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths ‘Champion Blacksmith’ in 2004.

Someone recently asked Denise about why you do what you do and this certainly expresses what she feels:

“Blacksmithing is a true artisan art.  It has history and tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages.  Blacksmithing creates useful and beautiful things for people.  The products can be functional or decorative, but always beautiful.

For me, being a blacksmith is a personal and a love affair.  I create objects from the raw material.  Each object has uniqueness to it; they’re organic and flow, and the process of forging enhances and shapes my initial design.


I love producing an object from metal, the challenge of design, the fire, smell and noise that creates the object.  I love explaining and showing customers how a length of steel is transformed by forge, hammer and anvil into the piece they want to purchase and I get great joy that a piece of me is taken home to be appreciated for ever.”


Denise delivers bespoke artistic metalwork to suit various requirements in the home and garden. She sells her wares at local ‘makers markets’ and trade shows, but can also offer commissioned pieces.  Each piece is individually designed and forged in her workshop, calling on her experience, workmanship and commitment to quality.  There is a fine craftsmanship to Denise’s work that shines through in the superb detailing, beautiful flowing curves and the high quality and durability of the finished product.  Whether working alone or collaborating with other artisans and craftsmen, Denise delivers a product that can be treasured for life.

Passionate about this ancient and every changing art form, Denise is also dedicated to continuing the tradition of passing on knowledge.  Get in touch with her if you are interested in tuition and training.

If you are looking for a perfect design, traditionally crafted by Newry’s leading blacksmith, contact Denise for pricing and information. You can also follow her Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with her news and see her latest projects.

Denise Axelsen Artisan Blacksmith Townsville

Quality handcrafted custom designs, by an award winning female blacksmith.

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This piece is called “ Guarded Relics " made for the Patina exhibition at@The Drill Hall Studio 2 years ago. Photograph taken by@REV Imaging.

I thought it very relevant having just returned from Ypres recently, and hearing the stories behind the panels made and some of the amazing exhibition pieces seen whilst there.

This is my story :

Thinking of the history of the Drill Hall and its association with military personnel throughout the many conflicts of war, I called this piece ‘Guarded Relics’.

The nails and copper fused together create the ‘treasure’ that during conflict is often guarded sometimes with the ultimate price paid for.

The ‘treasure’ is bright and shiny and, as with our ’War Heroes’, never forgotten.

The cage reflects separately prisoners of war being held in captivity and how precious they were to their families, hence the reason for the shine on the copper and the link to treasure, raised high on a pedestal.

The extra turret surround is portrayed as a solid bunker or fortress, surrounding the piece with extra protection to the ‘treasure', and all the spikes represent weapons of war or deterrents for gaining access or escape.

The round spiral shapes are clustered together to symbolise poppies in a field as the Emblem of Remembrance.
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Love this view of one of the many panels made in Ypres, designed by Steven Laurijs.#ypres2016 #blacksmithartist #blacksmithshop #blacksmithing#designers ... See MoreSee Less

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