Coffee Table Commission

A memorable commission came

from a wonderful textile artist and her woodworker husband.

They wanted a coffee table base made for their daughter who was moving into a new home.They gave me free reign for the style -I used a piece of wood he had already crafted using the natural organic shape and raw edge. They had previously commissioned me to make something to hang a sentimental piece of pottery in their home. The criteria for this commission that guided me was driven by two small energetic boys that were likely to climb onto the coffee table given half a chance. This was a challenge in as much as the wood was very narrow at one end and also barrel shaped underneath naturally from its trunk shape, again only on the one end whilst the other end was wider and flat underneath. I had arranged for the wooden top piece to be delivered but not to have its final finish until I had finished man handling it. I started by scribbling quick pen drawings into my sketch book and then with the wood in front of me, decided which design would work thinking mainly of the stability that the coffee table needed and the robustness of the overall design to withstand the trauma it might encounter by two little boys. Next stage involved creating full size drawings and making jigs for the two different shaped legs. I analysed every catalogue I could find to come up with an average height for coffee tables and based mine on that information.

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