Blacksmith Lessons

Contact me for details on the next session and workshop open day.

Sharing my skills that I’ve amassed over 20 odd years is something I really enjoy. I offer small group and one-on-one blacksmith sessions in my workshop space and at other places.Contact me for my next open workshop session.These workshops are suited to absolute beginners and also to those who have dabbled previously. I can tailor a workshop to your abilities.It’s a great way to make your own unique item for a gift or perhaps to add to your own home. You’d be surprised at how many blacksmith items can look wonderful in both heritage style and modern homes.

The aim of my workshops is to share the basic skills, introduce you to the equipment you will use and give you that wonderful magical feeling of satisfaction, pride and accomplishment. I’ll talk you through it the whole way.

The sessions are usually about an hour long and I have a variety of small projects that you can accomplish in that time. For example, you may like to try your hand at making simple hooks. These always have loads of uses from mounting on a plinth for coat hooks or on the back of your doors. They even work well on a simple bracket to keep your keys organised or even hanging up some of your kitchen utensils.

You might like to make a bottle opener, but to achieve this in an hour I do have blanks laser cut first. This has proved to be a very popular class and make great gifts, imagine the other person’s reaction when You tell them YOU made it.

If you need a poker for your outdoor fire pit or indoors for your wood burner, then come and create your very own masterpiece. It will certainly last you a lifetime.

You may already partake in other crafty skills and have something that just needs something special to really set it off. What an accomplishment that would be to make your own drawer handle to finish it. This is exactly what one gentleman did for a bedside cabinet with a drawer he had made.

You have made something out of pottery and it just needs a little stand to support it or hang it up..If you’re just starting out as a hobby blacksmith and you intend to use a coke/charcoal forge, you will need to make/create a fire poker and a rake for moving and controlling your fire.

Bring a friend to learn together. Give me a call to find out when the next open workshop session will be held.

All I ask is that you arrive in non-flammable clothes, (something you don’t mind getting dirty)preferably long trousers and long sleeve shirt/t-shirt and covered shoes. I will provide you with an apron, safety glasses, gloves if you like and all other equipment and materials needed.

If you come to my forge I use gas propane exclusively, a similar but different experience than using coke, but, if you prefer to try coke and you have your own forge and live nearby, I will happily visit you and teach you all the basics in your own setting.

 Contact me for my next open workshop session.