‘Past to Present’ Exhibition

Goldsmith’s Gallery, San Remo, Victoria

I never knew it but there are many similarities between jewellers and blacksmiths. 


Here’s Bronwyn with Cr Bruce Kent from Bass Coast Shire who officially opened the exhibition and very good friend Ronnie Bauer.

End of April saw an amazing weekend away in San Remo, Victoria, at the Opening of the ‘Past to Present’ Exhibition. It presented a retrospective jewellery exhibition featuring Bronwyn Pratt  (owner) and 12 other invited Australian Jewellers & Goldsmiths, also featured the art of Gaston Vanzet, Artisan Metalwork was also a feature at  The Goldsmith’s Gallery. The exhibition was held in conjunction with the ‘Come and Play in May’ event run by Creative Gippsland.

Bronwyn invited artists to bring in some early pieces from their training days to see the changes in their style and development. It amazed me that so many of her friends from university were still firm friends and all running their own businesses. Having lived in over 35 places, staying in touch proves difficult for me. I felt honoured to be invited into Bronwyn, and her husband Roger’s home, and be introduced and welcomed by her close friends too – I had such a great time.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see all my work placed in a glass cabinet on mirrors.  I thought it looked really great surrounded by jewellery and really looked at home.  All the jewellery was designed and handmade by different designers; all with the gorgeous colours, different sizes and styles. Also, some, especially Bronwyn’s, had many forged components and some of the tools in the workshop were just like my own but on a much smaller scale!

A glass window to peek through into Bronwyn’s workshop from the gallery.

It was so lovely to talk to different makers, to discuss the different ways they made things and also what inspired them, what they found challenging. It was reassuring to find similar situations with keeping up on social media and the different ways they dealt with that. 

I was absolutely thrilled to sell one of my large ‘live edge’ Redgum  boards with decorative handle to a couple at the opening of the exhibition. They even got me to sign the back of the board with indelible marker pen for “when I’m famous” he ! he ! It was so lovely to meet and talk to my customers.

They promised me they would not keep their new chopping board for best and would use it on a regular basis. Chopping and knife marks all add to the character and will last them a life time with minimum care. I love it when a piece of me goes home to be treasured forever !

Here’s another image of a chopping board I had on display that also sold.

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